Like any medical specialty, a pediatric practice comes with its own set of unique needs. Due to the nature of the profession, pediatricians need to be caring, attentive and available—qualities that can take a back seat in a hectic pediatric office environment. With the help of electronic health record software from Xcite Health, pediatricians across the United States can get back to doing what they love most: caring for each child’s health and wellness needs, no matter how big or small.

Pediatric EHR Software Features

Xcite Health’s CCHIT certified electronic health record software is tailored to the specialized requirements of a pediatric practice, and includes:

  • Premature, infant, and child growth charts.
  • Vaccination tracking.
  • Barton Schmitt pediatric protocols for telephone triage.
  • Integration of vitals, spirometry instruments, and more from Midmark Diagnostics Group and Welch Allyn.
  • Pediatric specific reporting, including School Immunization and Overdue Health Maintenance forms.

Why Choose Xcite Health’s Pediatric EHR?

In today’s healthcare landscape, many pediatricians operate on a thin profit margin, making it difficult to manage patient wellness. By reducing costs and maximizing reimbursements, many pediatric practices can increase the time spent with each patient and the daily patient load.

By itself, an electronic health record can help automate simple tasks, reducing the time required to process charts and log patient data. But, automation isn’t enough.

Xcite Health’s pediatric electronic health record software solution isn’t just an EHR—it is an intelligent workflow management system that can be customized to your pediatric practice. Complete with communication and follow-up tools to help pediatricians and the office team provide better patient care, the Xcite Health pediatric EHR allows the right person to complete the right task. This efficient allocation of resources creates a streamlined office environment where both superior patient care and profit are attainable goals.

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